Ruhlmann Blanket

Pure Cashmere Heavyweight Blanket

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Providing soft warmth and comfort, in soothing shades of color, the Ruhlmann is a heavy weight double-faced cashmere blanket woven in a historic mill in Florence, Italy. 

The abstract pattern adorning the blankets was designed in 1927 by Émile-Jacques Ruhlmann for Prelle, one of the oldest silk manufacturers in France.

Dimensions: 56x78 in.


Made from the finest Italian cashmere, the Jacques blanket is unique in its heavy weight for such a delicate fiber. We recommend dry-cleaning or hand-washing. To hand wash, soak the blanket in a bathtub of lukewarm water for 15 minutes with a cashmere soap. Rinse. Roll inside a towel to remove excess water, being careful not to wring out the blanket. Lay flat to dry between towels.

Complimentary 2-Day Shipping and Returns